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Currently an international curator in-resident at the Beaux-art De Paris & Pernod Ricard Foundation.
Inaugural Hyundai Art lab fellow 2023.

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PLEASURE GARDENS: Blackouts and the Logic of Crisis in Kashmir

Skye Arundhati Thomas & Isabella Scott

‘We identified a task: to try and fill the void, the gaps in information. To try and do this as simply and as precisely as possible. To look closely at the law, which is so often designed to confuse and distract.’

Pleasure Gardens is an urgent two-part project that investigates land disputes, military occupation, and communication blackouts in Kashmir, a region whose heavily militarized borders have frequently been a site of conflict between India and Pakistan. Taking a 213-day communications blackout in 2019 as its starting point, the project aims to make sense of the complex political impetus behind these blockades, seeking a new register of writing and image that makes visible the conditions of occupation and the protracted violence of the blackout.

In part one, Scott and Thomas bring together hundreds of sources, filling in the gaps from Srinigar to the remote Gurez Valley to create an accurate and unique log of 15 days under siege; during which Kashmiri’s constitutional rights were revoked overnight, without warning or knowledge. In part two, the authors examine Kashmir’s occupied territories, and the complex ways in which India’s infrastructure of surveillance and occupation is borrowed from powers including Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  

Collected alongside photographs from artists living in Kashmir, this remarkable publication offers a crucial exploration of the aftermath of blackouts and the twisted of logic of crisis on which they rely.

DISCOURSE is a series of small books in which a theorist, artist, or writer engages in a dialogue with a theme, an artwork, an idea, or another individual across an extended text


Skye Arundhati Thomas

In this first critical volume and biography of the artist, author Skye Arundhati Thomas delves into Lajmi’s archives, papers, letters, and sketchbooks in pursuit of clues about the artist’s life. Thomas also reveals the critical role that psychoanalysis played in the evolution of Lajmi’s art. Studying Lajmi’s relationship with her dreams, Thomas describes how these sessions fuelled a practice of self-portraiture that formed the bedrock of the artist’s practice. Thomas finds that Lajmi’s preoccupations mirrored the political moment of the time, a freshly independent India was fashioning itself a new identity.

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Books out now


Skye Arundhati Thomas

Past and present visions for India collide in Remember the Details, Skye Arundhati Thomas’s brave, often devastating account of the ongoing Indian people’s protest movement. Tracking the onset of the protests and the state retaliation which followed, Remember the Details provides critical reporting for those wishing to further understand the conflict between progressivism and authoritarianism in both Indian and global politics.

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